The following rules and regulations are in force at both of our tracks.

  1. The minimum height for a person to drive at our track is 62"(5' 2").
  2. Children are not permitted - please note that we are very strict about the height restrictions.
  3. The charges are Rs.350/- for 10 laps.
  4. Go - karting is a dangerous sport which can result in injuries being suffered by the driver / participants. Loose hair is a serious hazard while go-karting. Be safe, keep your cool and your scalp.
  5. It is compulsory for all participants/ drivers to wear helmets which are provided by the Management whilst driving the carts, irrespective of religious beliefs or any other reasons.
  6. In case that hair gets tangled with any part of the go-kart, if required the same will be cut to facilitate disengagement of the vehicle.
  7. No advance booking is applicable, admission is strictly on a first come first served basis.
  8. All participants are required to first fill in and duly discharge the Driver Registration / Indemnity Form
  9. Drivers under 18 years of age require Parent's / Guardian's signature on the Driver Registration / Indemnity Form
  10. The Mangement has the sole discretion to refuse Go-Karting to any customer or discontinue his/her driving while on the track due to dangerous driving or non compliance of instructions.
  11. Driver / participants are required not to wear any scarf, muffler or loose items of clothing so as to minimise risks.
  12. Do not press accelerator and brake simultaneously.
  13. In case you are stopping on the track, do so gradually and raise one hand to warn the driver behind.
  14. Learn and obey all flag signs.
  15. Obey Marshall's instructions at all times immediately.
  16. The management takes no responsiblity for loss or damage of personal belongings and vehicles.
  17. Go-Karting is not a video game. This is real racing. All the competitors safety is in your hands, and is our prime concern.
  18. Breach of safety norms, rash driving / misuse / abuse of karts and equipment will result in the competitor being stopped and directed to discontinue without refund.
  19. Go-Karting is a non contact motor sport. Failure to observe this rule may result in disqualification.
  20. Any damage due to misuse of Karts and/or equipment will be recovered from the defaulter.
  21. Any participants wearing bikini tops, saree's, burkha's and dupatta's will not be allowed to kart.
  22. Rights of admission reserved.